book three:

matrix trigger

A great read, one to get your teeth into...
— G.E., Amazon Reader

Is family stronger than personal power? Morgan LaFayette believes power and strength can overcome anything.

Morgan stands at the cliff of change for Chevalier Corporation. She could bow to the United Nations Security Council, or she could do what she believes is the right thing and prove that her Chevaliers can control any situations.

Dominique MacGabran is Arthur's last full sister. She's on her first mission to the Crimea. Will she succeed where her sister Kai failed?

TS follows the world of the augments, reporting on Chevalier and Paladin actions around the world. He has a date tonight with a woman he hasn't seen in a while. She's a Paladin. What could go wrong?

Paragon is the best Chevalier created. She's a part of Sword Team, Morgan's strike team. She was strong enough to destroy an entire city. Can she control her powers when called upon again?

In today’s day and age, it’s refreshing to read a story that’s unpredictable, that zigs when I want it to zag, and that has characters with personality, depth, and believability even while set in a super-powered, yet believable, setting.
— J. S., Amazon Reader

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