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Apollo Burn

The characters are rich and robust, and the story is played out like the intricate chess moves of a master player. The twists and turns are clever and well crafted, and were enjoyable to watch as they unfolded.
— T.D., Amazon Customer

Arthurian legends return from ancient myth into the modern world. Now Arthur's up against a threat that can destroy what he's built. But he must trust her, so she can kill him.

Brilliant scientist and Binary A.I. CEO Anora Myrrdin has lost her only brother. She's out for revenge and everyone is going to pay--including Arthur, her brother's final experiment and killer.

Arthur's Avallach Team is fractured and half are dead or missing, yet Arthur drives toward his vision of the future. The Paladins grow in power, ability and doubt.

Sergeant Percival 'Percy' Jones is Arthur's most loyal Paladin, but months after the destruction of Tintagel and the death of Indiana, he questions Arthur's leadership and the uneasy partnership with the shadowy group known as the Sisterhood. Percy has a future of his own in mind, and he turns to the most unlikely of mentors - Anora.

Owen LaFayette in every way is Arthur's equal and now he has Arthur's technology and powers. The Chevaliers are growing fast in numbers. Yet Owen doesn't have all that Arthur has--Caliburn and his charisma. Owen wants what Arthur has and he's going to do whatever he must to be Arthur. Anora may be the link that takes it all away.

What will Anora be--the Betrayer or the Savior of Avallach?

If you like science fiction, super heroes vs villains, then you’ll love this page turning book.
— L.R, Amazon Customer

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