'The Beginning?' Yes.

So ends a bit of short term blogging on my part. It's not much writing, really, but moments I take away from writing is just less time I have for writing, among all the other things on my life's plate right now.

Apollo Burning is still at first draft, and I should be complete in a month for revisions and submission to my development editor, then copyedit. Tomorrow is the last day to grab an advance reader copy of Fall to Earth. Check it out, it's free. If you read and like it, leave a review when it launches in a couple of weeks. If you have a copy already, keep an eye out for an email or two about the launch date.

Signed print copies of Fall to Earth will be available through my site after launch.

This blog will be updated about once a week, though I'm not sure what to write about other than either about writing (which everyone who is writing is already writing about) or about the book--which, really, just read the book if you want to know more about it.

Ken Britz