Cliffhangers & Transitions

I'm unconvinced that I chose the right ending for Fall to Earth. I love the ending because it had been in my mind from the novel's conception. As my craft improves, I see that it may not be as satisfying to some readers. For now, I'm okay with that because science fiction stories don't have to be nicely wrapped up together.

Apollo Burn is about transitions.

A lot of things get resolved at the whirlwind of Fall to Earth's ending, except for one thing [no spoilers]. Apollo Burn doesn't pick up where Fall to Earth leaves off because there's a new entry into the arena of the story - Dr. Anora Myrrdin, Maven's only sibling, and younger sister.

You might not like Anora as a person and you may not relate to her, either. But you'll find her interesting. She's a mix of success and failure. I may have fallen quite short of such a work, but I tried to keep in mind one of the most successful sequels I've ever seen - The Empire Strikes Back. It's a dark story and one that ends on a downward note. It's also quite possibly one of the most successful sequels of all time. Why not shoot for such a high bar?

It is also a world in transition. There are two groups vying for power and Anora can tip the balance either way. Over the next couple of weeks, I'll write up some of my thoughts on both writing and this sequel in particular.

Ken Britz