Guinevere Redefined

As Indiana is the Lancelot archetype spun into a strong female character, I wanted to take the Guinevere archetype a bit farther as well. Legends and history were unkind to Guinevere, with most accounts having her disgraced and living out her days in a convent.

I wanted to bring the struggles with Anora as Guinevere to a different level. I wanted them to be the struggles of a brilliant woman in a changing world. She's also a woman that's not without damage. Starting with Fall to Earth, I made a change in the love triangle between Lancelot, Arthur, and Guinevere such that the focus shifts from Guinevere/Anora's loyalty and passion to Arthur.

As such, Anora needs her own internal struggles, between living up to her brother's expectations and her own. She enters the story in Apollo Burn fully formed and ready.

I like the changes I've made to Anora/Guinevere. She's not a passive woman whose fate is decided by fathers, wanton kings and passionate knights, but a woman who decides who and what is right for herself. She's imperfect, but as she grows close to Arthur, we'll see that they complement one another very well.

Image By Henry Justice Ford (1860-1941) - The Leicester Galleries loans to The Speed Art Museum, Луисвилл, Кентукки, Public Domain

Ken Britz