Invisible Enemy + Writing

I've stopped posting my draft chapters on Invisible Enemy for a couple of reasons:

1. Not a lot of comments, which is okay. I think people read and move on. It's an experiment in mixing experience, knowledge, and creativity. I know a lot about a mix of subject matter in the novel; but I may need to flesh out concepts that are purely in the realm of speculation (N-space, compression drives, etc.). That's fine, but looking back at what I've written, it's pretty much a straight arrow story from beginning to the end. I'm not interested in writing for speed (which is okay); I prefer trying to write something engaging (or better yet, gripping).

2. The novel is actually done, but I need to focus on the third book of my first series, Matrix Trigger. I keep telling myself this novel is bigger and more difficult. I'm 30,000 words into it and I've just completed the first act. For a typical 3-4 act structure the book will be about 120k for the first draft, which means it actually may be a larger novel when it gets to final. I have to finish the first draft to see where the novel has changed from it's very thin 63k rough draft form. So, if I want it to be publishable this year, I have to stop doing anything else. That means putting off IE for now.

That doesn't mean I don't have plans for IE. In fact, since it's my next project after MT, I have a cover planned for it. After another revision.... Until next time.


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