Good news, bad news

It's been a while since I've done an update. But updates must come, and I'm not one for making excuses. Here we go!

I have good news and bad news about Matrix Trigger, Book 3 in the Pillars of Fire and Light series.

The good news first: It's done.

Okay, I completed a draft of the third novel in the series. It needs a lot of revision, but the novel has a shape, and I can work with it.

It took months longer than I had planned, but I have no sort of deadline other than, I'd like to release the book this year. Not all the unreasonable, since I had drafted, written, edited, and published Apollo Burn in a year.

That leads me to the bad news: 2018 release will not happen.

I'm midway through a furious revision of the book to get it ready for the first round of editing. Then it goes through a few more edits before it's ready for anyone other than editors and alpha readers to look at. I've learned my lesson—make the absolute best version of your book possible. Good story, good writing, a good plot, good characters. That means months of work into the holidays. It's likely Matrix Trigger will be out February/March 2019 if all goes well. Still, a little better than George R. R. Martin*.

What's next after Matrix Trigger? There's a final book with a working title. I couldn't fit all I wanted in Matrix as a final volume. Beyond that, I have plans sketched out for a second story arc, but nothing firm. Invisible Enemy is my swing at military science fiction. It also scratches an itch for someone with both military experience and science fiction interest. That should be on track for a 2019 release, somewhere between Matrix Trigger and Book 4. Then beyond? There are plans, but it depends on what people want to read. What do you want to see?

Until then, I should be more regular with my blog updates.

*I love Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice/A Game of Thrones series, so this is tongue-and-cheek.

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